Longlasting (50 years or more) and ongoing annual chess tournament series (Invitation or Open) of major international status

U.S. Open *1900 - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Hastings *1920/21 - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Wijk aan Zee *1938 - www.chessdiagonals.ch

==>> Hastings & Wijk - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Sarajevo *1957 - www.chessdiagonals.ch (Bosna, today a rather regional Open tournament)

Havana *1962 - www.chessdiagonals.ch (Capablanca Memorial, played at various venues)

Biel Festival - www.chessdiagonals.ch, 🙂 50th consecutive annual edition was held in 2017

For an overall survey of *recurring* individual international tournaments (serials) in classical chess, please visit:
Tournament *series* - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Major ongoing Invitation series in classical chess

Baden-Baden / Karlsruhe, Grenke Chess Classic + strong Open!
Biel Chess Festival, GMT + strong Open!
Danzhou City, Hainan Province
Dortmund Sparkassen
Havana (Capablanca Memorial)
London Chess Classic
Malmö (TePe Sigeman & Co.)
Poikovsky (Karpov Tournament)

Saint Louis, Sinquefield Cup
Shamkir (Gashimov Memorial)
Shenzhen Masters, Du Te Cup
Stavanger, Altibox Norway Chess
Wijk aan Zee, Tata Steel

New in 2019

Zagreb, Croatia Grand Chess Tour


Major Open series in classical chess


Aeroflot Open, Moscow

Biel Master Tournament Open

Bosna, Sarajevo, former strong invitational, now a rather local Open

Canadian Open Chess Championship, at various venues

Cappelle-la-Grande Open, currently of rather local character

Chigorin Memorial, St. Petersbrug, earlier a strong invitation series in Sochi

Czech Open, Pardubice

Dubai Open Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup

Gibraltar Chess Congress Tradewise Masters Catalan Bay / La Caleta Superopen

Grenke Chess Open, Karlsruhe (following the Neckar-Open, Deizisau)

Hastings Chess Congress, former legendary invitation series, now Open

Isle of Man chess.com Open, Port Erin, today in Douglas Superopen

Politiken Cup, Xtracon Chess Open, Copenhagen, today in Helsingør

Reykjavik Open, starting as an invitation tournament series

Rilton Cup, Stockholm

Sharjah Masters

U.S. Open Chess Championship
(1st edition held in 1900,annually without any break!!)
in swiss system since the mid-1940s, at various venues

World Open, mainly in Philapelphia, early editions in New York,
later sometimes also in Arlington or other U.S. cities

past Superopen:

Lloyds Bank Masters, London, 1977-1994

Lone Pine, Louis D. Statham Tournament, California, 1971-1981

Lugano Open, Switzerland, 1976-1989

New York Open, New York City, 1981-2000 (no editions '82, '99)

Worth of mention:

OHRA Open, Amsterdam, 1982-1990 (with GM tournaments 1985-1990)

recently cancelled series:

Millionaire Chess (MC) Open, Las Vegas 2014 & 2015, Atlantic City 2016

Qatar Masters, Doha, 2014 & 2015

For more details, further links, list of winner, anecdotes and background stories:

Open Superseries - www.chessdiagonals.ch

For a general survey of major *recurring* individual international chess events:
Tournament *series* - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Famous former Invitation series in classical chess (a selection)

World elite, major and minor series:

Antwerp and Amsterdam, Lost Boys Festival
Athens, Acropolis
(the format varied across the series)
Bad Homburg
Bad Kissingen
Bad Nauheim
Banja Luka
Barcelona, Ciutat
Brussels OHRA and Brussels SWIFT
Costa del Sol
(Torremolinos, Malaga, et al.)
Costa Brava (Sant Feliu de Guixols, Malgrat de Mar, et al.)
Dos Hermanas
Gausdal Classics
Las Palmas
Lanzarote, Arrecife de Lanzarote

London, Phillips & Drew Kings
, then GLC Chess Challenge
London, Watson, Farley, Williams
(one event in New York)
London, Staunton Memorial
Ljubljana, Portoro┼ż, Bled
et al., Vidmar Memorial
Madrid, Magistral

Margate Chess Congress
Monte Carlo
Nanjing, Pearl Spring

Paks, Marx György Memorial
Palma de Mallorca
Reggio Emilia
Rome (Banco di Roma)
Sofia, M-Tel

(diverse tournaments in a row)
et al., Ruy Lopez Festival (played at various venues)

Special: World Exposition chess tournaments

Excursus: GMA Open series 1988-1989, 1990
Excursus: PCA Super Classic series 1995

For a general survey of major *recurring* individual international chess events:
Tournament *series* - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Longlasting and ongoing series in Rapid

Corsican Circuit, Rapid Chess Festival 

==> Tournament *series* - www.chessdiagonals.ch

International tournament series in Switzerland

Special: Serials in Switzerland
Major recurring international open or closed chess tournament series - past and present

Basel Open

Basel Open - www.chessdiagonals.ch

http://schachfestivalbasel.ch/ (Basel)

Biel Festival

Biel Festival - www.chessdiagonals.ch

==>> Biel Interzonals - www.chessdiagonals.ch

==>> Winners at Biel - www.chessdiagonals.ch

http://www.bielchessfestival.ch/ (Biel)

Geneva all 

Geneva all - www.chessdiagonals.ch

Zurich all incl. Horgen

Zurich all - www.chessdiagonals.ch

http://www.weihnachtsopen.ch/ (Zurich)

http://www.zurich-cc.com/ (Zurich)

History: SCRM Pfäffikon (Rapid)
History: Winterthur Chess Week, Open
History: Liechtenstein Open

Zurich all - www.chessdiagonals.ch

History: Bern all

History: Bern - www.chessdiagonals.ch

History: Lausanne Young Masters YM

History: Lausanne YM - www.chessdiagonals.ch

(Young Masters LYM and Lausanne Open, series stopped)

History: Lucerne all

History: Lucerne - www.chessdiagonals.ch

History: Lugano Open
History: Brocco Open, San Bernardino

History: Lugano Open - www.chessdiagonals.ch

International chess circuit in the years 1946 and 2014

Chessdiagonals also presents a survey of the chess circuit in 1946, the beginning of modern chess after WWII and the death of Alekhine (March 1946), Capablanca (1942), and Lasker (1941).

Enjoy the best games played in 1946, watch out this unique summary of all major international invitation tournaments held in 1946, with the busiest players on chess circuit about 70 years ago.

Chessdiagonals was launched in 2014, that corresponding chess year earns a closer look, too:

1946 & 2014 - www.chessdiagonals.ch