Alekhine, Korchnoi, Ivkov, Larsen, Spassky, Portisch, Hort, Torre, Timman, Miles, Kasparov, Short, Gelfand, Anand, Adams, Topalov, Kramnik, Svidler, Judit Polgar, Aronian, Bacrot, Grischuk, Eljanov, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Mamedyarov, Radjabov, Nakamura, or Hou Yifan (listed by order of birth) engaged in various events: 

Simul, Candidate's match, Invitation tournament, Open series, Women, Youth, Rapid, Blitz, Team

International Méditerranée tournament 1977
Larsen clear first, ahead of Andersson (14 players)
Georges Koltanowski tournament director and arbiter with Harry Golombek
(an almost religious atmosphere , report and games, compiled by Tabanus)

Candidate's semifinal match 1977
Spassky vs. Portisch 8.5-6.5 (Chessgames)

International Geneva Open Festival series
Prequel 1985, first edition 1986

PCA Crédit Suisse Rapid Grand Prix (k.-o. format) 1996
Anand beat Kasparov in the final
Funny scene Great Gazza grimacing

Team Legends vs. Team CGE (Scheveningen system) 2012
Korchnoi individual best (on tie-break above Spraggett, Ribli)
Last tournament of Viktor Korchnoi
Video: (Chessgames)

Geneva Chess Masters Rapid (k.-o. format) 2013
Mamedyarov beat Kramnik in the final (Chessgames)

Women's FIDE Grand Prix 2013
Bela Khotenashvili, Georgia won
Fondation Neva: (Chessgames)

FIDE - Grand Prix, 6 - 15 July 2017

The hosting city, set on the banks of the Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), by the world famous Jet d’Eau. Photo: HomeGeneva Bienvenue chez vous

Line-up: Adams; Aronian; Eljanov; Gelfand; Giri; Grischuk; Harikrishna; Hou, Yifan; Inarkiev; Jakovenko; Li Chao b; Mamedyarov; Nepomniachtchi; Radjabov; Rapport; Riazantsev; Salem, A.R. Saleh; Svidler

Format: swiss system! (18 players, 9 rounds)

Geneva GP was the third of four FIDE Grand Prix in 2017, following the Sharjah GP in February, the Moscow GP in May, and followed by the Palma de Mallorca GP in November 2017.

Each round starting at 2 p.m., rest day on 11 July.

Playing venue: Hotel Le Richemond
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Teimour Radjabov, Azerbaijan, clear first, ahead of joint Russians Nepomniachtchi and Grischuk

The winner of the Geneva FIDE GP (2017): Teimour Radjabov. Photo:

Switzerland was a good ground for him: Danish Dynamite Bent Larsen was the winner of the only Lugano international invitation tournament (1970), winner of the first Interzonal held in Biel (1976, surpassing three former World Champions: Petrosian, Tal, Smyslov), and winner of the only Genève Méditerranée international invitation tournament (1977), in an earlier picture from Beverwijk Hoogovens, 22 January 1961. Photo: Anefo


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